Every 6 weeks the girls and I from London escorts get together for a girly night to unload relax and have some dirty girl chat. Last Saturday we met up and had a few drinks at Sandra’s house. That Saturday was one I will never forget. We had the best time together and discussed the best subject oral sex. As women and London escorts we like to have open minded fun with our partners. And oral sex is a very popular subject amongst us. I love oral sex having a mans wet lips opening around my vaginal flaps and closing has he breaths heavy over the area sending sensations through my body as he continues to repeat kissing my flower and spreading his warm tongue up and down over my petals. I like it slow. Some of the other girls from London escorts like it a bit rougher they say they like it when their men go down on them like they haven’t eaten for weeks they like the nibbling.

So as we continued to pour the wine the conversation got more heated and I’m sure a couple of girls disappeared to go and release themselves in the bathroom. Lol.

When we regrouped we decided to redirect the conversation and the girls from London escorts decided to discuss some of the times oral sex didn’t go the way we expected it too. These stories were Hillarious. Patricia from London escorts south London told us about a time a guy spat on her vagina thinking that it would turn her on, which did the total opposite. Aparently he spat on Patricia because that’s what he likes when he gets a blow job. Well Patricia’s response was epic. After trying to tolerate the spitting for a while she grabbed the back on his head and pulled it back from in between her thighs. She looked him straight in the eye and said if you spit again ima remove your tongue. He was speechless. And never spat on her flower again.

The girls from from my fantastic escorts website and I agreed that sometimes we have to teach our fellow partners how to give good oral sex. We at London escorts used to think that men come automatically programmed to give good oral sex. But they aren’t. Sometimes they need a little schooling. I’m one of the luckier girls from London escorts I’ve never had a bad oral experience. My partners have always known how to lick that pussy and send me to a height of orgasm. Using the right amount of tongue and kissing the pussy. Yes you heard right really kissing the pussy you’d be surprised how great that feels. I have been really lucky but some of the girls especially from London escorts Paddington have had some seriously funny bad experiences.

The night passed quickly as it does when your having fun. And once again we all enjoyed spending time with our fellow colleagues from London escorts. I’m excited to meet up with them again and I am very entreagued to what subjects will come up next time.