I was a twenty-two-year-old English graduate student when I started working as a London Escort. I lost my parents at the very early age of my life and my foster parents troubled me a lot. I decided to move out and start earning for myself. Then I met a girl who was my roommate and she suggested me to meet London Escort team. At first, I found this very ugly work but then meeting and mixing with other Escorts in London, I got comfortable and started my work passionately. I released, life is long to survive, and they transformed me to believe in myself and I started paying attention to myself. I made a decision and transformed myself into matured Escort in London.

During my appointments being a London Escort, I met a man who was nearly Forty plus of age. He was pretty disturbed with his broken marriage life and thus he had approached London Escorts. He said, “I met a woman who was the first to touch me with passion in years” because he wasn’t happy with his old marriage. He was my client for that night. We loved each other for the night, he paid me the amount, booked a cab for me too. He was a gentleman, he paid me inside the envelope with a nice card. He was generously a true gentleman. He was nice all the time. We continued seeing each other every week, then every alternate day. We started meeting outside, going to pubs, dinner, and suddenly started liking each other rather can say loving each other. He did not care any time that he is in love with one of the sexiest Escorts in London. I knew that I was the one chosen to heal his broken heart.

The case of a younger girl and older boy is quite common these days. The only thing is to be mattered is that there should be understanding between both the parties and should appreciate the dynamics implicated in such relationship. Dating an older man has some pros and cons as well. In my case, dating him has several goodies like he is enough emotionally stable and is very committed. He is financially settled and thus full fill all my demands. He behaves like a gentleman, tea at the bed, breakfast at table etc.. He treats me like a kid and loves me a lot. Dating an older man, a man twice of your age is sometimes very irritating too. It has some cons as well. They can get jealous sometimes when they see you with younger boys of your age. They keep getting sick every other day. Their much caring or over possessive attitude sometimes become very irritating.

Though dating Mr. X was really fun and I started loving him like anything. Our unusual relationship was a successful one. He is twice my age but he loves me too much and cares for me every time. I was enough lucky to meet him. And thus I become Mrs. X from a London Escort.