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What’s the big deal about oral sex?

Of course they get pleasure too and does that make it acceptable … So, what are your thoughts on oral sex? Re: Nigerian husbands & wives: The good, the bad and the ugly I want to commend you for your article. May God bless you. At least your piece …


The Future of Oral Sex Is Here but It Requires You to Lick Your Phone

If a good, old-fashioned vibrator just isn’t doing it for your … ve created (available for both iOS and Android), then use it to record your ideal form of oral pleasure. Users can then upload their ~creation~ to the CamSoda store, alongside the virtual …


Oral sex might cause cancer, says a study!

Everybody who is sexually active will agree that oral sex is one of the best ways to get pleasure. Do you remember this famous … Before you come to any decision, just make sure that you maintain a good oral and personal hygiene. Then you can stay out …


“God Is Against Oral And An*l S*x” – Nigerian Lady Drops Shocking Details.

Whatever form of s3xual pleasure that you seek using your tongue on … it’s scriptural but because it’s painful, right? So, since oral s3x doesn’t come with any pain we’re good to go – that is an argument only a carnal minded Christian would …


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The Mystery Revealed

At nine years old, in 1956, an evangelist, Rev. Oral Bradford, came to my church for a week of … made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times reach their …


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Dating Older Men

I was a twenty-two-year-old English graduate student when I started working as a London Escort. I lost my parents at the very early age of my life and my foster parents troubled me a lot. I decided to move out and start earning…


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