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9 Reasons Guys Love Giving You Oral

we like making you feel good. So if you ask for a foot rub or a back massage, we’ll give it to you. But will a foot rub or back massage get you off? Probably not. The truth is, guys love it when you climax, and with oral s*x, the odds are in our favor.


3 Secrets For Giving Head So Good He’ll Literally BURST With Pleasure

Many of these articles are written by men, and while it seems to make sense that they would be the best ones to dole out the advice, given that they are the ones getting off from this form of oral pleasure … element to being a good fellationado (yeah …


What Women Wish Men Knew About Good Sex

The foreplay – what little there is of it – is all about getting it in, rather than actual mutual pleasure or … greatest key to good sex? Being willing to just ask questions. Women, after all, are not a monolith. The same oral technique that …


‘I Am Done!’ Matt Admits To Faking Relationship With ‘Psycho’ Amber For TV

Baier’s tirade continued at dinner, as he told a producer behind Portwood’s back, “I don’t care who you have to give oral pleasure to … “Stuff that isn’t very good at all. I’m not going to go into specifics. It’s scary stuff.”


‘Real Housewife’ Kim Zolciak: Who does my daughter have to orally pleasure for John Legend tickets?

“Jk it’s good but I’ll get you tix without the oral.” @chrissyteigen sooo ur hubby is comin to ATL may19 & Kash is beyond OBSESSED w him! who does Brielle have to blow in order to meet him?? LOL — Kim ZolciakBiermann (@Kimzolciak) May 4, 2017 Although it …


Want A Memorable Blowjob Experience? Try These 10 Tips

Maybe your facial expression when in pleasure is embarrassing … The sight of you throwing up during oral s*x is good enough to trash whatever arousal you and your partner are having at that moment. 3. Maybe he should suck With oral s*x, it’s like …


Secrets On How You Can Improve Your Oral S*x Skills and Make Her Explode With Pleasure

How can I improve my oral sex skills? I am a husband with keen interest in giving my wife a good oral s*x, but I lack the skill and courage. Is there a better way to go about it? – Christopher Silvanus. Below is the response he got from the therapist …


Best Ways To Clean Your Vag!na For Odour Free Oral S3x

It is a common thing to feel self-conscious about how you smell when your man goes down there to give you some oral pleasure. If you are about to … na with water and your hand and you are good to go. Don’t wipe vag!na with wet wipes, as wet wipes …


He’s The Vulnerable One! Helping Men Be More Open Through Oral Sex

He gives me a boyish grin as he tells me how good I feel, but what he doesn’t know is that … I’m having a great time. Focus on your pleasure.” Once again, we sink into the sensation and rhythm. Although it is rare in our society to talk about …


Orgasm Equality for All: Feministing Reads Becoming Cliterate

While it’s a mistake to equate sexual pleasure with orgasm … come to a common understanding that oral (and other kinds of non-penetrative) sex without consent is rape (which it is)? Becoming Cliterate does a good job questioning these basic …