Different Types Of Oral Sex

As much as we all love the penetration aspect of sex, for a lot of adults, oral sex is actually much more pleasurable. The sensations felt through this type of sex can sometimes outstrip penetrative sex, even though we are led to believe that this type of the sex is the most erotic that anybody can have. But the truth is much different and oral sex can be extremely erotic on its own, and even more so as a build up to sexual intercourse. But what are the different types of oral sex and which are the most satisfying? Let’s find out.

A man can receive oral sex in the form of a blowjob. This is where the woman sucks on his cock to get him hard and ready for actual sex, or for him to achieve orgasm in this way. As she sucks on his dick she may choose to stroke it with her hand or cup his balls and squeeze and fondle them. The most sensitive part of the penis is the head and the underside so she should pay extra attention to these parts, and it’s also true that if the woman has a tongue piercing then this can lead to additional sensations. When a man cums during oral sex, he will often cum in the woman’s mouth.

Females receive oral sex when they get their vagina licked – this is often referred to as being licked out. A man – or perhaps another woman – will lick her pussy lips and also her clitoris to make the woman feel good. As she begins to get aroused her clitoris will begin to swell and at this point, the person performing oral sex may choose to begin sucking it. To make things ever better, the person giving could use a toy inside her pussy or his fingers. Oral sex is very erotic and arousing and some women find it easier to orgasm during this and they so when having penetrative sex.

If both of you want to have oral sex at the same time, then you could adopt the position known as a ’69’. This involves one person – typically the man – lying down, while the woman lies on top of him and sucks on his cock. In this position, the woman’s pussy will typically be right on top of the man’s face, which makes it very easy for him to lick it and bring her pleasure too.

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